Tuesday, March 12, 2013


I'm back! I decided to visit my old blog that was terribly abandoned since 2009 and thought...UGH!!! I have lost years of great journaling! With how crazy my life gets, this was the perfect way to record memories, thoughts, funny moments, etc. Our family has grown and as much as I'd like to go back to October 2009 and continue the journey...I will enjoy sharing my new day to day in 2013.

Cleo is my first order of business. She is full of fun. Full of laughs. My joy.
...and what mother doesn't pick up her phone to find self taken photos of their adorable child? This is my recent find...

 But I guess it will continue...since this is what my 13 year old was doing with my phone when we were riding on the bus to perform in a parade. Of course, I had to sit in front with people my own age:( If she only knew I'd much rather be taking pictures of myself with her than endure...uh um, I meant ENJOY an adult conversation with her band teacher!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Beautiful Girls

Chad and I took Jolene out to dinner when we were staying at Dan and Pam's house for a few days. It was a really nice visit with her and I'm looking forward to the next time. We only brought Cleo and they were so good at the table. They were hugging and being so sweet. Chad was playing with Leah and they were pushing the sipper cup back and forth. The girl has skills :)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Dinner with Family

Uncle Matt and Aunt Sherri came to town for the day and the kids were so excited to see them. We were so glad they were feeling much better from the flu. It was time to get out of the house so thank you Matt and Sherri for visiting us. We miss you guys already! We went to the Roadhouse for dinner and there was a little setup of hay bales and pumpkins. I thought I should get a few pictures. I knew this year we probably wouldn't have time to get to a pumpkin patch so this is as good as it gets...how sad is that?
Not the best pictures but hey...they were hungry!!!
Uncle Matt with Kaitlyn and Isabel. They put a happy face sticker on his forehead. :)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Eleven Years Ago...

All my dreams came true...

Chad and I were married in the San Diego Temple...

...and sealed together for Time and All Eternity.



Friday, October 16, 2009

Bed Head...

Must have been a GREAT SLEEP!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Number 10 for Kaitlyn

She may not be 10 yet....
...but she has now lost her 10th tooth.
Argh...she is growing up tooooooo fast!!!!!
Congrats Katie!
(and YES...Fairy DUST was everywhere!)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ry Turns 12!

Can you believe it?...I'M FINALLY BLOGGING AGAIN!!! I'm sure I just said that to myself because everyone has stopped checking this blog! Oh well, that's okay :) For anyone who may care, I'll be posting what we've been up to since spring time but they will appear as old posts in the order they should have been in! Anyways, my oldest nephew Ryan (I call him Ry) has turned the big 12! He is such a great kid and I love him so much :)Kaitlyn is so happy that Ry got a new cell phone for his birthday. They love texting each other and he even likes to text me. (I feel cool now!)Jaime made the cake and Ry enjoyed blowing out the candles TWICE! He claimed someone disturbed the first blowout and made her light them again! Geez! Such Drama!!!
My baby had ear infections and I left her home with Chad so I borrowed this baby! Jaime loves to snuggle Leah :)It's been a while since the girls have been able to get together so Izzy really enjoyed playing with Carrie.
What can I say about these two? Always making faces!!
Aaron and Ry with their phones. It's just plain silly to text while sitting right next to the person...of course I played along when Ry did it to me:)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Hot Day of Soccer

Katie is doing really well this year. She finally scored a goal. She plays goalie a lot so that gives her less time to score but she works really hard.
The treats are always nice too :) It was so HOT HOT HOT!!! When we got there it wasn't that hot but the temperature kept rising until I coudn't stand it. UGH! My poor baby was burned the next day because I cleaned out my diaper bag from an ANT attack! Stupid me...I didn't replace the sunscreen!!
Lily is so cute! I love watching her play. When she scored her first goal she was so funny. She did a little bootie dance or whatever she does! Everyone was laughing :) Of course I didn't mind because she was so excited and she didn't do that dance when she scored again.
Ready to Go!
Good thing I had plenty of water!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Stubborn Baby!

Cleo loves to walk from the car to the house after I drive the girls to school. This particular morning she decided to grab my keys and walk to the lawn to sit down and enjoy the outside a little longer :) She got mad when I tried to move her and I'm sure the neighbors were really happy with my beeping car everytime Cleo locked and unlocked the doors.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Lily's First Soccer Game

Sitting on her ball waiting to play :)
Kicking the ball...
Lily leading her team through the tunnel after the game was over.
Time to rest...Good job Lily!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Creative Isabel

Isabel asked me to take her picture. She didn't want to give her 2nd grade teacher an old one. My beautiful girl!!!Isabel has always loved blocks since she was very little. She calls everything her creations and this one is NO exception! She wouldn't let anyone near it until it was photographed :)
I think that's a hair band holding sleeping beauty to the box??? Not really sure what she was creating this time.

Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day of School!

It's time for school again...but this time I said bye bye to THREE!!!They had their clothes and bags ready to go the night before. We didn't want to be late on the first day of school.Katie walking to her class. This year she is in 5th grade and Mr. Pennel is her teacher.
Isabel is excited to start 2nd grade. Katie is happy because Mrs. Sanchez was her 2nd grade teacher too. Lily is finally starting Kindergarten (as she would say). She has waited a long time for this day... to go to school with her sisters. She has Katie's Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Harvey :)Cleo along for the ride!Lily's first time riding the bus with her big sister. Izzy was mad because they made the Kinders sit in front so they couldn't sit together :(They are so cute!!! Katie is well trained now. She automatically poses before getting off the bus on the first day of school...but I'm not saying she doesn't throw a little attitude doing it!
....and another picture for the books :)
Katies soccer practice. This will be her 6th year playing soccer. WOW!
Coach handing out uniforms...
Can you believe it?...Katie is #4! She's not the shortest player anymore!!! YAY! She's growing up :)